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The kind used in many automotive sensors, application of a wide. Here sensor applications in automotive engine control, security systems, vehicle monitoring and self-diagnosis or the like.

Electronic engine control has been considered one of the main applications of MEMS technology in the car. Engine control system sensors are the core of the entire automotive sensors, many different types, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, position and speed sensors, flow sensors, gas concentration sensor and the knock sensor. These sensors provide the engine electronic control unit operating conditions of the engine of the information, the electronic control unit for the engine operating conditions accurately controlled to improve engine power and reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and for fault detection.

1、Temperature Sensor
Automotive temperature sensors are used to detect the engine temperature, inhalation gas temperature, cooling water temperature, fuel temperature and the catalytic temperature. Thermistor temperature sensor, Wound resistance and heat resistance even three main types. These three types of sensors have their own characteristics, its applications are slightly different. Thermistor temperature sensor with high sensitivity and response characteristics of a good, but poor linearity, lower temperature to adapt.

2、Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors are used in most automotive sensors are used to detect pressure balloon gas storage, transmission fluid pressure, fuel injection pressure, engine oil pressure, intake manifold pressure, air filtration system fluid pressure. Currently, dedicated to automotive pressure sensor development and production of major companies are Motorola, Deco electronic equipment, Lucas Novasensor, Hi Stat, NipponDenzo, Siemens, Texas Instruments.

3、Flow Sensors
Flow sensors are used to measure engine air flow and fuel flow. Intake air is one of the basic parameters of the fuel injection quantity calculation. Functional air flow sensor: sensing the size of the air flow and converted into electrical signals transmitted to the electronic control unit of the engine. Measuring air flow for engine control system to determine combustion conditions, control air-fuel ratio, start, ignition and so on.

4、Position and speed sensors
Crankshaft position and speed sensors are used to detect the engine crank angle, engine speed, throttle opening, vehicle speed, etc., to provide a reference point signal for the ignition timing and injection timing, while providing an engine speed signal.

5、Gas concentration sensor
Gas concentration sensor for detecting a vehicle body is mainly gas and exhaust emissions. Among them, the most important is the oxygen sensor, which detects the vehicle exhaust oxygen content, measured air-fuel ratio according to the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas to the computer control device emits a feedback signal to control the air-fuel ratio to converge to the theoretical value.


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